Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Rocket Writing - The Boulder.

Bob, Michael and Jim were running along the desert. I don't know why but they just were. Any way. Behind them was a giant bolder (yes it was also running along the desert, and I don't know where it had come from). They kept on running until they got puffed, which was a stupid idea because the boulder caught up with them and flattened Bob who was at the back of the line. When Michael and Jim saw Bob all squished they started sprinting again. Again they kept running until they came to a cactus. They went up the cactus, which was also the stupidest idea. Jim went up first, but before Michael could go up, Jim had died, because all the spikes had gone into him. And then Michael saw that then stopped and started crying, which was also a stupid idea because he also got squished. So in the end they were all dead.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sibling rivalry.

I don't know about you, but I hate it when my siblings continuously annoy me. Don't they call that……….SIBLING RIVALRY??!!

Like that typical time when, let's say one of your brother or sister hits you, or overreacted about something and you want to do something mean to get revenge. But you don't know how. So you make a plan and decide you want to push them into a bush. But it doesn't turn out as you wanted it to. It was meant to be them in that bush! NOT YOU! Your sister! 

Or that time when you feel soooooo cheeky and try to express that, by trying to give your boring old sibling a fright. Close your eyes and imagine. 

You're the first person to leave the dinner table. You try not to rush so you don't give your family the hint that you are up to no good and gently place your plate onto the bench. You swivel around the corner and smack your body up against the wall. You don't move a muscle. Suddenly, You hear footsteps. A voice booms out from around the corner. It belongs to…… your SISTER! 

You get your feet ready to pounce, one in front of the other. Then all the action begins. Just before you are going to jump out and give your sibling the worst 3 seconds of their life, you hear silence. Then...… BOOO!!!! 

IT WAS MEANT TO BE ME GIVING THE FRIGHT!! But the thing that annoys me, is that it happens all the time.

But no! That's not all the nuisance my siblings cause.
In my family, there is always a 
“No it's my turn to do it!!!!!!!” Like that time when you get up at 7:00 in the morning and your parents and siblings are still in bed. SCORE!!! Now that gives you the chance to watch the T.V
By your self
with the remote
And you can choose the channel!! 

At least that's what you thought. You're having the time of your life, being able to have the whole t.v to yourself. You’ve got your feet up. You think you're all alone when….. your sibling walks straight through the door and bellows;

All that's going through your mind at the moment is ‘Wow. Way to get no more T.V for the rest of the week.’ But you have no choice. It's a spear through the heart. 

But that's just the beginning of the, 
“IT’S MY TURN!” Thing. 

It's the same thing with sitting in the front seat of the car. 
You get the good view of what's going on, not having to sit in the back with those annoying siblings, the control of all the knobs and buttons and you also get to sit with mum or dad.

One time while we were approaching the car, after we had been released from the doctors, I was just about to open the door of the front seat and jump in, when I heard my sibling demanding from behind me,
“No, Neve, stop. It’s MY turn to sit in the front. You sat in the front on the way here!” 

Well at least I tried. From that 3 minute argument about sitting in the front seat, WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT, UNLESS MUM OR DAD CHOOSES ONE OF US TO.

 But, putting aside all the frustration my siblings cause, I guess they are okay. While they’re not busy causing havoc, they can also be KIND OF fun. 

Monday, 26 June 2017

Science journal 6.

Science journal 6.

This week we got put into groups to make things that will either fly or glide. My group were making paper parachutes. Mine didn't really work. I think that it might be because of the way that I glued the paper together. I think that I glued it a bit too close together. Also I think it might have been because of the paper that I used, because I used thick card. I think that the forces that were acting on my parachute was a lot of weight. I could tell because as soon as I let the parachute go it just fell to the ground, instead of floating to the ground. 

I wonder that if I used normal lighter paper, if it would float more than just fall. Also I think that if we used a plastic bag instead of paper, that it would also float more. Maybe it fell straight to the ground because there wasn't that much wind outside. 

I think I would put myself on relational for my observations, and also for my inferences. I put myself here because I can make observations and inferences, and I am pretty sure that I know how, why and when to do it so that my observations and inferences are accurate.

Science journal 5

This week we have been learning about flight. We have been looking at the four forces of flight, flying vs gliding, we brain stormed what is man-made and what is Natural. Also we have been looking at how some birds fly. 

At the start I knew quite a lot of things. I knew about thrust and drag. But I didn't really know what they do, and where they go on a flying object. For example, thrust goes at the front of a plane, and drag goes at the back of a plane, so on. I also knew some other things like: what can fly, if those things are man-made or natural and etc. I knew that there are four forces to flight too. I had learnt a bit about it a couple of years ago, because we were focusing on this topic then too. 

Now I know more about the four forces, where they go on a flying object, what they do to help flying objects fly and what all of them are/what they are called. Also at the start I thought that gliding was pretty much the same as flying. But now I know that it is not the same thing as flying. This is why: flight is defined as a controlled and powered movement/flight, through the air. Gliding isn't controlled or powered. Gliding is resting, and when a flying object or an object that is made to fly, kind of moves along with the wind. It's also kind of when the leftover thrust used to move the plane while flying, is used to move the flying object forwards while in the air, until it runs out.

In this time, I had observed that little birds need to do tons and tons of flaps with their wings so that they can go about the same speed as a medium sized bird can go, with a regular speed. 

A couple of days ago we were looking at what the four forces of flight do. Thrust: the forwards force that helps a plane to move through the air. Drag: a force that helps the plane to slow down when needed. Lift: helps to keep a plane in the air, but still needs some weight, so that the plane doesn't just fly off into the air, and can't get down. Weight: helps the plane to slow Down, and keeps a plane from flying off high in the sky. Also you will need some lift too, so that the plane doesn't just crash while in the air, or stay on the ground.

One of my wonderings was: what would happen if you took away one of the four forces? I think that if you took away one of the forces on a plane that it would just crash. Because each of the forces help to keep a plane in the sky. So it would just crash, because you need all of the forces to keep a plane in the sky. Another wondering that I had was: is gliding the same as flying? This is one of the wonderings that I had when I first started this inquiry topic. I had explained the answer before, above. If you want to be reminded you can always just look back at the top. So I had those wonderings done, but then I had another wondering. That was: if you turned off an engine on an aeroplane, would the plane fall and crash straight away, or glide for a bit then crash? I am still thinking on this one. I think I might need to search that one up. 

If I had to place myself in a rubric for my observations during this project, I think that I would put myself maybe in the middle of multistructural and relational. I can make some observations on this. But I am quite confident on them though. So that's why I put myself in the middle.

For my inferences I will probably put myself again in the middle of multistructural and relational, because I can make quite a few inferences, but I am confident on the accuracy and the reliability of my observations. I think I know why and when and how to do this so that my inferences make sense. So that's why I put myself in the middle of those two.

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The evil raft

It was a loooooong boring drive to Akaroa. Nothing to do looking out the window. I  didn't know wha-
Well you probably don't want to know and listen to the long boring trip to nowhere that interesting. Let's just fast-forward to the ‘interesting’ parts. I was tugging, forcing jabbing on my togs, ready for a so called fun time (at the time it wasn't that bad). My sisters and I darted across the road eager to get into that pool full of tangy salty water that covers the earth, not minding that the sharp acute stones were being shoved into our feet. With a brimming splash we were in the cold, cold water, biting at our skin. 
“Hey Neve! I’ll race you to that raft over there!” Billie yelled over the noisy chopping water.
“Okay. Sure.” I raised my voice as a result of the water splashing up at my face. I swam my hardest over to the raft,, floating and drifting on the shimmering choppy water. To me it was obvious that Billie was going to reach it first. She hauled herself up onto the raft, making it look sooo easy. But my thoughts were wrong thinking it was that easy. By the time I finally reach the raff Billie was already on top staggering about. I fastened my depressed hands on the surface of the raft and pushed, trying to haul myself up. But me, being me, I wasn't able to get up. I could hear the swishing of the water beneath me, coming from my freezing cold legs. I tried once more but… I DIDN'T MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that's when I started to panic. 

I peeled my hand away from the surface of the raft and swam around it. What was I looking for? I was looking for a ladder to help me  get myself up. But seriously what kind of raft doesn't have a leader to get up on. I was like, ‘Why didn't think of that before?’ It turned out that this raft didn't have a leader on it. Like, what kind of person wouldn't put a leader on a raft? It definitely didn't help that the sides were all pointed and jagged with muscles and twigs and other really pointy things. So I tried to lift myself up one more time (which I probably shouldn't have done). I slapped my damp hands onto the damp, cold raft. I used all my strength. But that's when I realised that I was stuck. A cold, dirty, mucky feeling gushed down my throat. 

The mussel shells dug into my skin, like lots of shovels that have minds of their own, and they are going ca-ray-zee! I started to get goose bumps that could be M.T Everest!! I had to swallow the big lump in my throat, and I took a big breath ready to yell. My mouth was open I was about to scream, but out of nowhere a lot of salty, bitter and tangy water gushed into my mouth. The water forced itself down my throat, and I couldn't resist but swallow the water to get rid of the salty water taste. As I did so I kind of regretted it because the huge lot of water clumped up and rushed down my throat all at the same time when i gave them the chance. One last time I decided to yell. 
“I'm stuck!” I yelled. Well, I actually was panicking and SORT OF crying at that point. So I actually didn't yell it, because I cried it. But anyway. 
I-was-PETRIFIED! My eyes were open wide with fear. There were goose bumps on my skin, that could be Mount Everest! (Not really but you know what I mean). My insides tensed with fear.
“Billie! Help me! How did you get up!?” I yelled, over the chopping of the water. 
“I don't know what to do!” Billie said in a confused voice. I looked over to where mum and dad were. They were RELAXING on the sand! I was like: ‘seriously! I'm here stuck, and panicking my head off, and they are just relaxing! Wow! Just great!’ This thing kind of goes on for ages. Confusion, panicking, yelling and thrashing about. So let's just fast forward a wee bit, ⏭⏭. So.
 I could see this girl that looked about 12. She was coming towards me. I was still crying with the pain of all those mussels, sticks, coral and a few other spiky things, jabbing against my skin. When she reached the raff I was thinking: ‘can't she see me? I am stuck and she is about to climb up onto that thing, and get herself stuck too!’ Oh and if you were wondering Billie had sprang of the raft and swam over to tell mum and dad what had happened. But anyway. It turned out that, that girl had actually come to help me out! I was like, ‘finally, and thank you!’ Because it felt like I had been there for like hmm let me see - FOREVER!!!! Anyway. She came over to me, and asked if I needed help. All I did was groan. She helped me out by grabbing me by the waist, and pulled me up. You might be thinking why didn't I just jump off. But one of my legs were up on top of the raft, and the other was dangling in the water. Also the sticks and mussels were in my way. So! Back to topic. At first, we both struggled to get me down. I refused to let go and she couldn't get me down. But we eventually made it, with the help of team work. She grabbed me by the hand and helped me get back ashore. I was like ‘HALLELUJAH!’‘ as soon as we got to the dry sand once more she asked if I was okay. 
“Yeah.” I said pathetically. She was about to stagger off to where the rest of her family was (they were all probably wondering what she was doing. Because they didn't know us, and we didn't know them. So, yeah) but then mum and dad had to go and say thank you and say heaps of other stuff. But I don't really blame them. Because if she hadn't come and sssaaa-- SAVEd ME there I said it, ( not that I'm not greatful or anything) then I would probably still be out there stuck on that evil, evil raft right now. 

But besides all that confusion the rest of the time was…… alright. The rest of the day there was a bit of a blur. But I’m guessing that I was glad to be home. Also after that big hoha of a fiasco I was really tired and sore! Don't blame me for that. I had big scratches all down my leg. And it was bleeding at the time too! Oh life is so hard sometimes! But! One good thing came out of that huge mess. I learnt a lesson. NOT TO GO OUT ONTO RAFTS!!!!!!!!
They could be evil. They could have long Bulgy arms that can reach out and trap you in the body of the raft and you could turn evil and……………
Deep breaths. Deep-breaths. Ah that's better. Even though I made myself a rule not to go on rafts again, I still do. Like one time when we went to some other beach quite a drive from our house, and I saw a raft. And for some reason I thought that it would be fun to go and get up on that thing. I must have forgotten all about that big fiasco a while ago. Any way. I was in the water and hauled myself up. At Least I thought that I had. At that moment I thought whizzed through my body into my brain. I had a slight problem. Oh bother!

By: Neve Nuku.

Self reflection.

While I was writing this piece of writing I had a few things that I was learning and working on. The first thing that I was working on was using my punctuation correctly and using some different sorts of punctuation in my writing too. 

I think that I did pretty well on using on my punctuation. I was confident on where I had put it and I think I used a few of different types of punctuation and I think I used it correctly.

I would probably put myself on relational for my punctuation, because I used many different types of punctuation, I think I used them correctly and I know when, how and why to use them. 

My next steps for this I think is to make my way up to extended abstract. I am nearly there. Like I can probably teach/help people with their punctuation. 

Next I will need to seek some advice on how to improve on it and growing my knowledge on more types of punctuation.

The other thing that I was working on was using my brightsparks words well in my writing. 

I think that I did okay. I probably put like 20 or a wee bit more or a wee bit less than that. We had to highlight the words that came from our bright sparks book. But I only highlighted about three of them (bad form). But other than that I think I did pretty well. I did put in quite a few words that didn't come from my bright sparks book that I think are good descriptive words. 

I would probably put myself on relational. I have put many bright sparks words and I think that the do connect with the sentence/words around them. Also I think that they appeal to the senses.

My next steps for this is probably to move up to extended abstract and be able teach and help others, to choose the right words to put in their writing, to evoke emotion and appeal to the senses. I think that it won't be that long until I move onto extended abstract.

Camp writing.

The It was a bitter cold and rainy morning. Grey clouds rolled over the hills. My eyes flickered open. With only a few hours of sleep I felt I could not cope with getting up or any Vexatious things. I dragged myself towards the door and gradually opened the it to find myself being blinded by the light coming from outside.

A few hours later I found myself daydreaming out in the bitter cold morning, being disrupted by someone calling my name.
“Neve! Neve!” Someone called from beside me. I shaked of the tired morning feeling and had my go. Next minute I found myself nearly at the top of first climb.
“Go Neve you can do it!” Someone called from behind. I didn't dare to look back.
I could feel myself shaking when I was trying to get to the other side. I was nearly there. Only one rope to go. Suddenly I cut short. ‘Will I make it to the end without falling?’ Eventually I made it to the end of the climb and was lowered to the ground ready for Rachel to have a go. At the end of the activity I felt like just getting cosy and warm in my bed. Talking about being in bed, I really hope it isn't a repeat of last night.

A repeat of last night? Well last night was horrific! Mostly everyone in my cabin was talking after like adults coming in and telling  Us to be quiet. We had two different parents come in our cabin and sit in there four times! Inside I felt ANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think they got it. No efence. There was another scenario when this feeling came on. It was before I had jumped into bed. 
It all started with the button of the shower. I stepped in and went over to the on and off button and urged it on then turned around expecting to be sprayed. But nothing happened. I stood there starting to grow cold and jabbing at the on button like 1000,00000000 times! I was getting bored and tired of this and suddenly to my utter amazement it suddenly just turned on so I turned around. And enjoyed the about 3 seconds that it was on. Then it just turned off again. WILL THE SHOWER EVER TURN ON??????!!!!!!!!  But eventually I did get it on. Oh man how I was glad when I was out of that thing.

Putting aside all of the drama, I still had an awesome time at camp. The thing that I enjoyed the most at camp was being able to hangout with all of my friends because, I saw them pretty much every day and, I don't usually get this much time to spend with my friends.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 3 science journal.

Week 3: rocket balloon with paper.

This week for our science we were carrying on with the balloon rocket. The other times we have had the balloon without paper. But this time we did it with a piece of paper attached to it. We were still doing the same measurements as without the paper on the balloon. So that was: Distance, sound, shape, movement, why, wonder and change. We have/had to do a trial chart to see the different changes that I has every time that we did the experiment. We also had to record it and put it in slow motion so that we can look back at it and observe and make some inferences. Another thing that we had to do was to look back at the experiment and think about one thing that we could change, and then think about what new/different change/effect that it has on the way that the experiment works. This is how trial.1 went: (With paper)

That is all we got up to then. In the end we observed that with the paper it went a lot slower than it went without the paper. We thought that was because it was pushing against the air to make it harder to make the balloon move. Imagine you are in a pool and you have one of those paddleboard things. Say you have the paddle board flat/long side facing towards you, and the skinny/short part is facing up and to the sides. Then imagine pushing forwards through the water. It's hard a? Then imagine putting it the other way, so that the flat part is facing down and up. Then try and push it through the water. It is much easier. That's what is like with the balloon and the piece of paper. The kick board is like the paper, and the water is like the air. So that is probably why the balloon goes slower when the paper is on the front of the balloon than having the paper on the top of the balloon. I would probably say that my observation and inference went pretty well that time. If we had time to do a couple more then I think that we could have done a bit more trials. But it also didn't really help that we kept forgetting to put the straw on before we tied up both ends of the string to the chairs. That was pretty frustrating. But in conclusions think that I would put myself maybe about in the middle of multistructural and relational. I think that because I can make some observations and inferences and I am pretty confident of them and I can explain why I think that. I can also kind of help other people to make observations and inferences too. My next step is to make my way up to extended abstract. I think that I am starting to get on the right track on being on extended abstract. I think that I can get there by maybe teaching/helping a bit more people who are stuck on making observations and inferences. Also maybe I could make a bit more observations and inferences, say why I think that, and try the experiment again but next time act on some things to make it better (for example if the balloon goes a normal speed with the paper on the top of the balloon, I could maybe change where the paper is next. Or if the balloon spins while going down the line then maybe I explain why I think that, and then change something so that it doesn't spin around). 

Rocket Writing - The Boulder.

Bob, Michael and Jim were running along the desert. I don't know why but they just were. Any way. Behind them was a giant bolder (yes it...