Thursday, 18 February 2016

In summer

In summer I like to pick the fresh yellow butter cups 
that grow in the fields. 
In summer flowers bloom out of the dark damp soil
with colorful colours.
In summer hills roll past the corner of my eye 
as I walk to the entrance.
In summer my sight catches children playing with their older siblings while the adults sit and blabber away.
In summer the water splashes. It creates a cheesy 
smile from a little creature.
In my time I like to play.
But most of all I love to spend time with my friends and my family 
in one of the places that creates joyful memories in my mind.


  1. Love how you set out the words to sound so beautiful.
    Love from sister Billz

  2. This makes me remember times when we are spending time together too Neve. A picture in my mind, especially the adults blabbering away!! ;)


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