Thursday, 18 February 2016


When the light fades into the air, 
we come in from playing out in the bright setting sun. 
While the clock strikes twelve, 
the owl hoots as if he was calling out a warning. 

We sit in the dark spooky room with the heat
 on us like someone was forcing me into the oven.
 After one ad on the big T.V there comes a smell. 
It sticks to me like glue. 

The door opens with a squeak, 
like a little mouse scrambling away from its enemy. 
The smell of cookies filter into the room 
as a dark shadowy figure creeps into the light.
 A black tray of cookies come towards me. 
I take out my pale hand to take one.
The crumbs slip on the floor 
like someone on a waterslide at the pools. 
We can tell that the movie is starting 
because of the flicker that the screen makes. 
As a quiet, happy, moment happens, my eyes drop.

When I awaken, 
like sleeping beauty,
 I find myself in my warm cosy bed. 
What a night.


  1. Love the writing and the words
    Love sister billz

    1. Thanks Billie.
      I got some of the words from other people. But some of them I did by my self.
      Neve. ❤️

  2. I liked it when you said there comes a smell it stick to me like glue it a nice poem neve.

    1. Thanks.

      I got that idea from my sister, Billie.


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