Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where is my fun place?

Where the salty sea water blows bubbles 
as the water crashes up against the shore. 

Where tree branches lie on the ground 
bathing in the sun light, 
on the soggy morning leaves. 

Where the trees sway to the songs 
that the birds sing in the branches 
at the very top of the tree.

Where the grass is dancing in the wind 
while we stroll past,
and the cicadas chirp happily 
in the light of the sun. 

Where the bell hangs still, on the roof waiting to be rung. 
In the summer, autumn, winter and the spring, 
It's my fun place, that I like to be.


  1. I love where it says 'where the bell hangs still, on the roof waiting to be hung'. Great metaphors giving really vivid pictures. Great work Nevee girl! x

    1. Thank u mum.
      My goal was to create pictures in people's minds. And that's what I did.
      I. Glad that you liked it


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