Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The big earth quake.

It all starts when my mum, Piper and I were at home at the table eating pies. Billie, my sister was at school playing. Meanwhile at home we were talking about stuff. Stuff that I can't remember.
It was my turn to talk. I am pretty sure that I was talking about something that I thought was funny. Just at one moment when mum tried to talk the table shock. I thought that it was my sister. But then the light that hung down from off the roof started to shake. I then knew that it wasn't my sister that was moving the table. Following the light was the ground. Whatever it was I didn't like it. Mum and Piper stopped talking and eating and scrambled under the doorless door frame. “Come on”, shouted my mum. But I just sat there crying my head off. I was scared that if I was going to go over to the frame that I might fall. But we went over this kind of stuff at kindy. Drop, cover and hold, we used to say if we had an earthquake there. Once that actually did happen once. Apparently I knew what to do then. But now, not really. I was thinking to just get under the table but I didn't move an inch. It felt like even a breath while I was crying and having the earthquake at the same time. The shaking got slower and slower. Then suddenly it stopped.
Mum came back to the table. I went up to hung her. 
When we had finished our pies we went to check on this old lady called Marjorie. When we stepped foot in her house we could tell that she didn't have a very good time just then. Her book shelf had fallen down and I think that some of the plates and cups had fallen to the ground and had smashed. We found her sitting on the one person couch in front of the small old fashioned tv. She said that she was alright and that a couple of things fell to the ground. She offered to tell us a bit of the story that had happened during the quake. 
Well when we went to pick up Billie from school. She said that from out of the ground on the field water had come up. But that's all I can remember from that day. Now I don't even like little aftershocks. I get creeped out.


  1. I love the detail about one tinie thing AMAZING NEVE great work


  2. That. Was. EPIC!!! I loved reading it! I like it when you said 'it felt like every breath you took was an earthquake of its own'. Or when you said 'crying my head off' (precisely what I did when there was an earthquake). It reminded me of when I was at my house, monkeying around (as usual) and the earthquake hit. MEEP.
    Keep on writing awesome stories! :D


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