Wednesday, 9 March 2016

The rushing river

The voice of the river slams on the rocks 
- an orchestra of water.
The rocks on the bank of the river
slither with slime- the skin of a snake full of venom.

The smell of fish filters  into the air
moving into the wildness - a wolf from the woods to find some protein. 
The cold air is one of my sisters pinching at my skin
that's covered with bumps from nowhere.

The mountain is a lion standing tall and strong 
watching over himself and his tribe. 
Above is the dark gloomy clouds waiting to breath out lightning 
at the mountain, as if someone comes to attack the lion.

Who made Mother Nature so frustrated
to make her roar with thunder?
Who erased out the lightness of the bright blue sky?
Who transformed the river
into water that slams against the rock to get to its destination?

Art work by:  Petrus van der Velden.


  1. That is an amazing piece of writing Neve. The words you have used are so powerful and strong. Your metaphors are amazing! I cant even pick one favourite line, I love it all! MUM x

  2. Wow neve this is such a great poem i love the sentence where you said the voice of river slams on the rocks-an orchestra of water. You have used such great words neve it is just amazing. A image of a dark cold smelly river apears in my head.

  3. Wow! This is one of the best pieces of writing that I have ever seen. The words you used are so powerful, It gives me shivers. The way you describe the water slamming against the rocks gives me a dark gloomy feel. This reminds me of a thunder and lightning storm we had a few years ago. It sounded like rushing rivers. Great job Neve!


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