Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 music learning and reflection.

Arts reflection

This term I have been learning about all the different elements of music, so I can communicate to other people that speak a different language through music. To present this learning I made a soundscape based on a poem I wrote. I think that my soundscape is relational because I wanted to make the soundscape feel like it's stormy and rainy and thundery and to make it sound like there was lightning in it. I achieved that.

To make the beat I just banged the drum. To make a sound like thunder I dropped the drum. I crunched newspaper to represent the river. I rubbed on the carpet to make it sound like rain
and made a ‘shushing’ sound to represents the water crashing on the rocks. And finally I used a wooden stick with two cups at the end of it to represent the lightning by scraping the bumpy bits on the cup with the end of a drum stick.

Overall I think that it went really well because I had one day less to get it all done, and  I got all of it done in time for the sharing day. -this is the link to the sound scape I made based on a poem I wrote:    
The rushing river.

The voice of the river slams on the rocks 
- an orchestra of water.
The rocks on the bank of the river
slither with slime- the skin of a snake full of venom.

The smell of fish filters  into the air
moving into the wildness - a wolf from the woods to find some protein. 
The cold air is one of my sisters pinching at my skin
that's covered with bumps from nowhere.

The mountain is a lion standing tall and strong 
watching over himself and his tribe. 
Above are the dark gloomy clouds waiting to breathe out lightning 
at the mountain, as if someone comes to attack the lion.

Who made Mother Nature so frustrated
to make her roar with thunder?
Who erased out the lightness of the bright blue sky?
Who transformed the river
into water that slams against the rock to get to its destination?


  1. I loved coming to the sharing day and seeing your work too Neve. You did a great job of explaining how you did it. Your artwork looks great and you did great finishing it even though you were away one day.

  2. Well done Neve.
    I really like the part where you say the voice of the river slams on the rocks.
    I also liked how you said the mountain is a lion standing tall and strong.
    And the part where you said who made Mother Nature so frustrated.
    The part where you said the smell of fish filters in the air reminds me of when I go fishing. When I go home I think that I might write a piece like this.

  3. Love your soundscape neve!!!😉😉


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