Monday, 30 May 2016

Scary stories

I sit front of Aaliyah’s mum to listen to the scary stories she tells. My heart is thumping at me and, since it's dark, I feel like someone is staring at me from outside.

One of the scary stories is already stuck in my head. At this stage I'm shivering with fear inside. I think to myself what if it stays in my head forever until I die, or what if the story actually happens?    (The story did not come true by the way)

I am saved from having all the stories because now it is time to do our teeth then hop into bed. I hate it when I can't get to sleep, because right now that is one of the situations I am going through right now.I can't convince the thoughts to GET OUT OF MY BRAIN! I can't because they are literally GLUED to my BRAIN, literally GLUED. Will they ever get out. Ever in my life? 

I try and try to get to sleep. I hold my eyes about the width of a leaf. But suddenly I hear a sound. It sounds half train and half a really weird sounding horn. I don't know where it is coming from but it was strange. Any way I try to get to sleep again it happens again. two more times now the noise keeps on coming and going. I feel like I'm frozen by ice, but I can't feel the cold. 

By now Ayva is a little scared too. I tell her to try think about unicorns and fairies riding on the unicorns, pink castles and rainbows. this works for me atleast I don't know about Ayva but for me it feels like time has stopped and everything just went all calm. It feels like I had never listened to the stories.
I  finally fall asleep, my eyes and mind have drifted into space. Finally after 100 years.

This is a photo of me tree climbing which was pretty scary too.


This term I have been working on a piece of writing that is about camp.
While we were writing this story we were learning how to write in the present tense instead of in the past tense. Also to try to make a hook in the first sentence of the story to make the readers more interested and want to keep on reading. We were also looking at putting the ideas into paragraphs instead of just listing your ideas. I think that I improved writing because in this piece of writing I have done better at not putting in boring words into my writing. Instead putting in better words that means the same to the boring word. Next I need to work on making better hook at the start of the story.


  1. I love the photo that you put with it

  2. Fabulous writing. It's done in such a way I really feel your fear. After hearing scary stories when I was a child, I remember being scared at night, just like you. This is why I don't like scary stories to be told on camp. On the positive side, I don't think you'll ever forget this experience! Mrs P

  3. I like your reflection on your writing Neve. Very honest. Looking forward to reading that exciting 'hook' in your next writing!! x


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