Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ko Neve ahau

I am a bus, full of spectacular creations and ideas, that blows your mind away.
I am the museum, with lots of talents to share.
I am an acorn, shy. wanting to stay in the branches of the big oak but, tough on the outside.
I am an orange, with a tough outside, and with a soft and sweet inside.
I am a master chef's masterpieces, yummy and delicious, each with different specialties.
I am a pair of sneakers, going different places, and going on never ending adventures each day.
Ko Neve ahau


  1. Wow Neve
    You really are a bus with lots of ideas all your writing really is blowing my mind away.
    I really love how you put I am a muster chefs masterpieces, yummy and delicious, each with a different specialties. When you put i am the museum, with lots of talents to share it really reminds me of you playing the guitar and dancing you are a really skilled guitarist and really graceful ballet dancer.
    Fromm Rosa.

  2. What a cool piece of writing Neve. I love the part about the acorn. I think that describes you perfectly! You can be shy but you a hard in the inside. You have a quiet confidence in your many abilities and you have guts and determination that I love! MUM x


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