Sunday, 9 April 2017


Are you a responsible citizen? Well if you are you will know all the different qualities responsible citizens will need to have. One of the qualities is at you need to follow that rules and laws. If no one follows the rules and laws then most people will probably be in prison. Also the world will probably be a sad place because others will steal people's things then those people will be sad because of that. Also the world would be an unsafe place because heaps of the rules and laws are to do with Health and Safety. For example if heaps of people dropped a load of rubbish then all the rivers will be Polluted, and same with the air. So this quality is good so that everyone will be safe, happy and healthy. Someone I have noticed following the rules and laws is Lila. I have heard her saying ‘we aren't allowed to run on the concrete’ when someone was suggesting to play Dracula, not on the field.

Being trustworthy is another quality for being a responsible citizen. If this quality was missing and no one is trustworthy then no one will be able to do what they want to do by themselves of even at all. Also it will also cause trouble. Like if someone asks if they can let's say get a drink but they actually do something else, then the teacher (if they are at school) won't know where they are and the police might need to get involved. So we need to make sure that we are trustworthy so that we can do what we want to do without someone on your shoulder all the time, and it is important that you are trustworthy so it doesn't create stress for anyone. Someone I know and have noticed who is trustworthy is Ruby M. I can tell her a secret and she keeps it. When she says she is going somewhere she goes there and comes straight back.

Are you a role model? Being a role model is one of the qualities that a responsible citizen would need to have. If no one is a role model then if someone did something wrong, and someone sees that person doing that wrong thing then they might think that it is okay to do that wrong thing. Then everyone will start to do the wrong thing and the community will become an unhappy, dangerous and an unsafe community.  For example; if someone litters, and someone sees that person litter, then the person that saw the person litter might think that it is okay to litter too.  And the cycle goes on, everyone litters, and the environment will become unsafe to live in. So it is important to be a role model so that the community can be safe, healthy and a happy place. But being a role model isn't all just about littering you can be a role model by doing what is right and what you know is right. Someone that I have noticed being a role model or Lily Grace. Like if she sees someone do something wrong then she would tell them that they shouldn't do that thing because the little kids made see them do the wrong thing and think that it is okay to do that thing and do it. And that is another reason why we should be a role model to others. Also I have noticed Lily South being a role model too. Like today when there were people not doing the right thing she helped them by telling them what they are supposed to be doing nice and calmly and then she did what was right for them to follow. I also saw her pick up something that she saw was in the wrong place, and put it away. This is important because of someone sees her do that thing they will do it too.

One of the last things that I think is some of the most important qualities for a responsible citizen to have it is to be a helpful bystander. Being a helpful by stander is when you see someone that isn't in a very comfortable position you help them instead of just looking at them then just walking away and laughing. Let's say  a new kid at your school was being bullied. You walk past and see the new girl being bullied. If you laugh and say mean thing about the new girl as well. Then you are actually encouraging the bully to go on until the victim can't take it anymore. If you were being a helpful bystander then you would help to break up the arguments and take the victim away to play with you, and help the victim feel comforted and safe. This quality is important because there will be no bullying in the community and every one needs to be safe and happy. If this quality was missing then everyone would be sad and feel unsafe because there will be lots of fighting and lots of dangerous things going on. My sister Billie is a helpful bystander because last year she helped someone that was stuck in a tree and helped them get down, even though everyone else were just looking at her and giggling and carrying on with their lives.

So being a responsible citizen can be hard work. But if you try you might start to be a responsible citizen.  Just remember all these qualities and then do it.

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