Monday, 10 April 2017

Inquiry project reflection.

At first I didn't know a lot about being a responsible citizen. I kind of thought I knew a wee bit about it because I knew what responsible means and what you do to be responsible, but I didn't really know what a citizen was but now I know.
At the start when we had to place ourselves on the rubric I put myself in between multistructural and relational. I put myself there because I had quite a few ideas of what I do as leadership roles and just random things. Now I think that I'm probably a wee bit further now, because I have a bigger idea on what a responsible citizen is and I am doing more things that means being responsible.
What I have done this term to show that I am being responsible is I have been volunteering for wet day monitor a bit more than I used to. Also I have been starting to remember my ukulele more often for orchestra, and I have started making it our DJ scripts for Radio DJ.
 For my inquiry project I am making a sandwich board with Anika and Sophie. I think that this project will help people be more of a responsible citizen because I think that it will help people remember all the fundraising events and when they are and to help to fundraise. A challenge that I faced was when we didn't have everything that we need and couldn't do anything because we didn't have the resources. So we thought about what we needed to buy and what we didn't need to buy and we got the things that we could get now and put those parts together. Then we waited for when we could get the things that we needed from the shops. Some overall feelings that I have is that we won't get it all together in time because we haven't actually got it together yet, and we need to paint the chalkboard paint on the board and wait for 2 hours then paint on the other coat then wait for another 2 hours. HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET THIS ALL DONE IN TIME???????????????? I'm also kind of feeling like we are going to get it done with the amount of time that we need.

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  1. What a great reflection Neve. You know how you always worry you wont get things done, and you do because you work hard. I know you'll get your project finished in the end because that's what you do. You don't give up and you keep going. x


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