Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Science journal.

Week 1: Starting to think about science: Gathering and Interpreting Data. 
This morning all of the classes made some slime/oobleck,to pour on top of Mr. Anderson at meetup. For the rubric based on how much I contributed with the science experiment this morning I put myself on Multistructural, because I was thinking about some of the questions that were asked but I made some mistakes on some of the questions. But HEY! That's how we learn. I think that our slime that we made was pretty good because the oobleck did what it was supposed to do. When we squished it together it went hard, and when we had it in our hands and let it sit it went runny. We observed that it went hard when you squished it because the particles inside of the cornflour get smushed together into one big clump. Then when we let it go again all the starch partial release from each other flow through the water again. At first the oobleck was pretty smelly (like a dead fish), so we decided to put some vanilla essence into the slime and mixed it in. Then it started to smell nicer (not like a dead rotting fish) like vanilla. The whole recipe was Cornflour and water (and vanilla essence if you don't want it to smell like a dirty dead and rotting fish)
There was a question that was “why is it so hard to stir?” We thought that it was because of the speed and the pressure we are putting on the slime. We thought that it would be the same as squishing it together in our hands. So the faster you stir it the harder it goes.
Then when I put myself on the rubric for how I think I am with observation and inferencing I put myself on multistructural, because last year when we worked on the same topic one term I learnt a bit about observation and inferencing, and I can remember a bit about it. 

Week 2: Balloon Rocket experiment 
Last week and a bit of this week we have been making balloon rocket. We had to gather and interpret data, and do some observation. I think that I made many observations to do with my balloon rocket. I think that I was probably in between multistructural, and relational, but mostly on multistructural. I can say what observations are, and I can make them without having anyone telling me what to do. I am mostly confident of my answers and confident that they are accurate.
 I Think that I made many inferences as well, while I was making my rocket. I can explain what inferences are and I can make them without people telling me what to do. If someone came up to me and asked me what inferences where and how and why you use them, I would be able to show and help them to learn a bit on inferencing. 
I would probably say that I am also in between multistructural and relational, because of all the practise I have had while making the rockets. 
We made the rockets quite a few times, and during those times I have had some wondering. One of them was: ‘why is this rocket working, then his one I have made now not working out?’ Because the first rocket that I made was with Millie, and that one worked out fine. But the other one that I have made haven't worked out well. I think that it could have been because the different wool that I used, because we used different wool. 


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