Monday, 29 May 2017

Week 3 science journal.

Week 3: rocket balloon with paper.

This week for our science we were carrying on with the balloon rocket. The other times we have had the balloon without paper. But this time we did it with a piece of paper attached to it. We were still doing the same measurements as without the paper on the balloon. So that was: Distance, sound, shape, movement, why, wonder and change. We have/had to do a trial chart to see the different changes that I has every time that we did the experiment. We also had to record it and put it in slow motion so that we can look back at it and observe and make some inferences. Another thing that we had to do was to look back at the experiment and think about one thing that we could change, and then think about what new/different change/effect that it has on the way that the experiment works. This is how trial.1 went: (With paper)

That is all we got up to then. In the end we observed that with the paper it went a lot slower than it went without the paper. We thought that was because it was pushing against the air to make it harder to make the balloon move. Imagine you are in a pool and you have one of those paddleboard things. Say you have the paddle board flat/long side facing towards you, and the skinny/short part is facing up and to the sides. Then imagine pushing forwards through the water. It's hard a? Then imagine putting it the other way, so that the flat part is facing down and up. Then try and push it through the water. It is much easier. That's what is like with the balloon and the piece of paper. The kick board is like the paper, and the water is like the air. So that is probably why the balloon goes slower when the paper is on the front of the balloon than having the paper on the top of the balloon. I would probably say that my observation and inference went pretty well that time. If we had time to do a couple more then I think that we could have done a bit more trials. But it also didn't really help that we kept forgetting to put the straw on before we tied up both ends of the string to the chairs. That was pretty frustrating. But in conclusions think that I would put myself maybe about in the middle of multistructural and relational. I think that because I can make some observations and inferences and I am pretty confident of them and I can explain why I think that. I can also kind of help other people to make observations and inferences too. My next step is to make my way up to extended abstract. I think that I am starting to get on the right track on being on extended abstract. I think that I can get there by maybe teaching/helping a bit more people who are stuck on making observations and inferences. Also maybe I could make a bit more observations and inferences, say why I think that, and try the experiment again but next time act on some things to make it better (for example if the balloon goes a normal speed with the paper on the top of the balloon, I could maybe change where the paper is next. Or if the balloon spins while going down the line then maybe I explain why I think that, and then change something so that it doesn't spin around). 

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