Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Camp writing.

The It was a bitter cold and rainy morning. Grey clouds rolled over the hills. My eyes flickered open. With only a few hours of sleep I felt I could not cope with getting up or any Vexatious things. I dragged myself towards the door and gradually opened the it to find myself being blinded by the light coming from outside.

A few hours later I found myself daydreaming out in the bitter cold morning, being disrupted by someone calling my name.
“Neve! Neve!” Someone called from beside me. I shaked of the tired morning feeling and had my go. Next minute I found myself nearly at the top of first climb.
“Go Neve you can do it!” Someone called from behind. I didn't dare to look back.
I could feel myself shaking when I was trying to get to the other side. I was nearly there. Only one rope to go. Suddenly I cut short. ‘Will I make it to the end without falling?’ Eventually I made it to the end of the climb and was lowered to the ground ready for Rachel to have a go. At the end of the activity I felt like just getting cosy and warm in my bed. Talking about being in bed, I really hope it isn't a repeat of last night.

A repeat of last night? Well last night was horrific! Mostly everyone in my cabin was talking after like adults coming in and telling  Us to be quiet. We had two different parents come in our cabin and sit in there four times! Inside I felt ANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn't think they got it. No efence. There was another scenario when this feeling came on. It was before I had jumped into bed. 
It all started with the button of the shower. I stepped in and went over to the on and off button and urged it on then turned around expecting to be sprayed. But nothing happened. I stood there starting to grow cold and jabbing at the on button like 1000,00000000 times! I was getting bored and tired of this and suddenly to my utter amazement it suddenly just turned on so I turned around. And enjoyed the about 3 seconds that it was on. Then it just turned off again. WILL THE SHOWER EVER TURN ON??????!!!!!!!!  But eventually I did get it on. Oh man how I was glad when I was out of that thing.

Putting aside all of the drama, I still had an awesome time at camp. The thing that I enjoyed the most at camp was being able to hangout with all of my friends because, I saw them pretty much every day and, I don't usually get this much time to spend with my friends.

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