Monday, 26 June 2017

Science journal 6.

Science journal 6.

This week we got put into groups to make things that will either fly or glide. My group were making paper parachutes. Mine didn't really work. I think that it might be because of the way that I glued the paper together. I think that I glued it a bit too close together. Also I think it might have been because of the paper that I used, because I used thick card. I think that the forces that were acting on my parachute was a lot of weight. I could tell because as soon as I let the parachute go it just fell to the ground, instead of floating to the ground. 

I wonder that if I used normal lighter paper, if it would float more than just fall. Also I think that if we used a plastic bag instead of paper, that it would also float more. Maybe it fell straight to the ground because there wasn't that much wind outside. 

I think I would put myself on relational for my observations, and also for my inferences. I put myself here because I can make observations and inferences, and I am pretty sure that I know how, why and when to do it so that my observations and inferences are accurate.

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