Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sibling rivalry.

I don't know about you, but I hate it when my siblings continuously annoy me. Don't they call that……….SIBLING RIVALRY??!!

Like that typical time when, let's say one of your brother or sister hits you, or overreacted about something and you want to do something mean to get revenge. But you don't know how. So you make a plan and decide you want to push them into a bush. But it doesn't turn out as you wanted it to. It was meant to be them in that bush! NOT YOU! Your sister! 

Or that time when you feel soooooo cheeky and try to express that, by trying to give your boring old sibling a fright. Close your eyes and imagine. 

You're the first person to leave the dinner table. You try not to rush so you don't give your family the hint that you are up to no good and gently place your plate onto the bench. You swivel around the corner and smack your body up against the wall. You don't move a muscle. Suddenly, You hear footsteps. A voice booms out from around the corner. It belongs to…… your SISTER! 

You get your feet ready to pounce, one in front of the other. Then all the action begins. Just before you are going to jump out and give your sibling the worst 3 seconds of their life, you hear silence. Then...… BOOO!!!! 

IT WAS MEANT TO BE ME GIVING THE FRIGHT!! But the thing that annoys me, is that it happens all the time.

But no! That's not all the nuisance my siblings cause.
In my family, there is always a 
“No it's my turn to do it!!!!!!!” Like that time when you get up at 7:00 in the morning and your parents and siblings are still in bed. SCORE!!! Now that gives you the chance to watch the T.V
By your self
with the remote
And you can choose the channel!! 

At least that's what you thought. You're having the time of your life, being able to have the whole t.v to yourself. You’ve got your feet up. You think you're all alone when….. your sibling walks straight through the door and bellows;

All that's going through your mind at the moment is ‘Wow. Way to get no more T.V for the rest of the week.’ But you have no choice. It's a spear through the heart. 

But that's just the beginning of the, 
“IT’S MY TURN!” Thing. 

It's the same thing with sitting in the front seat of the car. 
You get the good view of what's going on, not having to sit in the back with those annoying siblings, the control of all the knobs and buttons and you also get to sit with mum or dad.

One time while we were approaching the car, after we had been released from the doctors, I was just about to open the door of the front seat and jump in, when I heard my sibling demanding from behind me,
“No, Neve, stop. It’s MY turn to sit in the front. You sat in the front on the way here!” 

Well at least I tried. From that 3 minute argument about sitting in the front seat, WE’RE NOT ALLOWED TO SIT IN THE FRONT SEAT, UNLESS MUM OR DAD CHOOSES ONE OF US TO.

 But, putting aside all the frustration my siblings cause, I guess they are okay. While they’re not busy causing havoc, they can also be KIND OF fun. 

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